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Pharmaceutical Companies Contacted

(Revised June 23, 2020)

Due to disturbing testimonies from the 12K+ members of our corn allergy support groups confirming that medical professionals continue to administer dextrose IV fluids to corn-allergic patients in direct violation of the contraindication warning on the package insert, I am concerned that medical and academic professionals are not adequately educated about the dangers of NMIs (non-medicinal ingredients) in drugs.  In addition, I have read too many personal testimonies confirming that physicians continue to prescribe medications to corn-allergic patients that contain corn-derived ingredients even though their allergy to corn is clearly documented in their medical records.

March 28, 2020
After a representative from the FDA recently told me in our telephone conversation that "Corn sugar is classified as a drug product," which is also erroneously reflected on the website, I once again contacted the following pharmaceutical companies to clarify that dextrose is corn sugar derived from cornstarch which can prove fatal to anaphylactic corn-allergic patients (see references).

3M Pharmaceuticals, @3M
Abbott Laboratories, @AbbottGlobal
AbbVie, @abbvie + online contact form
Acadia Pharmaceuticals, Email:
Acorda Therapeutics, online contact form
Actavis (see Teva Pharmaceutical Industries)
Actelion, online contact form
Adcock Ingram, Email:
Advanced Chemical Industries, online contact form
Advaxis, @Advaxis
ACG World, @ACGWorld
Ajanta Pharma, @AjantaPharmaLtd
Alcon (see Novartis)
Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd, online contact form
Alexion Pharmaceuticals, online contact form
Alkaloid, online contact form
Alkermes, Email:
Allergan Biologics, @AllerganBio
Alliance Boots (see Walgreens Boots Alliance)
Alphapharm (see Mylan Pharmaceuticals)
Altana Pharma AG, @ALTANAag
Amgen, @Amgen
Apotex Inc, @Apotex + online contact form
Aptalis Pharma Inc. (see Allergan)
Aspen Pharmacare, online contact form
Astellas Pharma US, Northbrook, IL, @AstellasUS
AstraZeneca, @AstraZeneca
Aurobindo Pharma, Email: [BLOCKED MY EMAIL]
Avax Technologies, Email: (not a viable email address)
Avella Specialty Pharmacy, @AvellaRx
Avid Bioservices (formerly Peregrine Pharmaceuticals), online contact form
Axcan Pharma (see Aptalis Pharma Inc.)
Bard Pharmaceuticals, E-mail:
Bargn Farmaceutici Phils Co., Email:
Barr (see Teva Pharmaceutical Industries)
Basi [chose not to contact; personal info required]
Bausch & Lomb (see Valeant Pharmaceuticals)
Baxalta (see Shire plc)
Baxter International, @baxter_intl
Bayer AG, @Bayer
Bayer Crop Science, Germany, @Bayer4Crops
Bayer Crop Science, US, @Bayer4CropsUS
Bayer Pharmaceuticals, @BayerPharma
Bayer Schering Pharma AG (see Bayer Pharmaceuticals)
Bayer US, @BayerUS
Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd., @BeximcoPharma
Bial, online contact form
Biocon, @Bioconlimited
Biogen, @biogen
BioMarin Pharmaceutical, E-mail:
Biotecnol, online contact form
Biovail, (see Valeant Pharmaceuticals)
Boehringer-Ingelheim, @Boehringer + online contact form
Boston Scientific, Boston, MA, @bostonsci
Bristol-Myers Squibb, @bmsnews
BTG plc, @BTG (see Boston Scientific)
Cadila Healthcare (see Zydus Cadila)
Canadian Plasma Resources, Email:
The Cathay Drug Co., Inc., @CathayDrug + online contact form
Celgene (see Bristol-Myers Squibb)
Celgene in Myeloma, Summit, NJ, @Celgene_Myeloma
Cephalon (see Teva Pharmaceutical Industries)
Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A., online contact form
Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., @chugai_cc
Cipla, @Cipla_Global
Clovis Oncology, Email:
Concordia International Corp., Email:
Covance, @Covance
Crucell (see Janssen Pharmaceutica/Johnson & Johnson)
CSL Limited, @CSL
Dabur India Ltd., @DaburIndia
Daiichi Sankyo, Email:
Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma [chose not to contact; personal info required]
Debiopharm, @DebiopharmNews
Diabetology Ltd, @DiabetologyLtd
Diffusion Pharmaceuticals, @DiffusionPharma
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, @drreddys
Ego Pharmaceuticals, @egoeveryday
Eisai, @EisaiUS
Eli Lilly & Company, @LillyPad
Elorac, Inc., Email: [BLOCKED MY EMAIL]
Emcure Pharmaceuticals, Email:
Emergent BioSolutions, Email:
Endo Pharmaceuticals, online contact form
Eskayef Pharmaceuticals, Ltd., Bangladesh Limited (unable to contact)
F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd (see Roche AG)
Fabre-Kramer Pharmaceuticals, Email:
Ferring Pharmaceuticals, @ferring
Fresenius Medical Care, online contact form
Galderma Laboratories, online contact form
Gedeon Richter Ltd., online contact form [unable to contact 2018]
Genentech (see Roche AG)
General Pharmaceuticals Ltd., online contact form
Getz Pharma, @GetzPharmaIntl
Gilead Sciences, @GileadSciences
GlaxoSmithKline, @GSK, @GSKUS
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Email:
Grifols, online contact form
Grindeks, Email:
Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries (see Julphar)
GVK Biosciences, @gvkbio + online contact form
G.F. Harvey Company (see Bard Pharmaceuticals)
Help Remedies Pharmaceuticals, online contact form (see Remedy Pharmaceuticals)
Hetero Drugs, Email:
Hexal Australia (see Sandoz Australia)
Hikma Pharmaceuticals, @hikmapharma
Hoffman-La Roche (see Roche AG)
Horizon Pharma, Email:
Hovione, @HovioneGroup
ICN Pharmaceuticals (see Valeant Pharmaceuticals International)
Incepta Pharmaceuticals, online contact form (online contact form no longer viable)
Institute for OneWorld Health (see PATH)
Intas Biopharmaceuticals [Avoid web address; virus alert.]
Interphil Laboratories, online contact form
Ionis Pharmaceuticals, online contact form
Ipca Laboratories, online contact form
Ipsen, @IpsenGroup
Janssen Pharmaceutica/Johnson & Johnson, Email:
Jenapharm (see Bayer Schering Pharma AG )
JN-International Medical Corporation, Email:
Johnson & Johnson, @JNJCares
Julphar, @JulpharUAE + Email:
Juno Therapeutics, a Celgene Company, @JunoThera
Kyowa Hakko Kirin, online contact form
Lundbeck, @Lundbeck + @LundbeckUS
Lupin Limited, Email:
Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, online contact form
MannKind Corporation, @MannKindCorp
McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services, Inc., Email:
Medinfar, Email:
Melior Discovery, Email:
Menarini, online contact form
Merck & Co., @Merck
Merck KGaA, @merckgroup
Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma, online contact form
Mylan, @MylanNews
NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, FB message
Novartis, @Novartis
Novo Nordisk, @novonordisk, @novonordiskus
Octapharma, online contact form
Opsonin Pharmaceutical Ltd, @OpsoninPharma
Orexo, @OrexoABpubl
OrgaNext, Email:
Orion Pharma, @OrionPharma + @OrionCorpIR
Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical (see Johnson & Johnson)
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Email:
Panacea Biotec Ltd., E-mail: [BLOCKED MY EMAIL]
Par Pharmaceutical (see Endo Pharmaceuticals)
Patheon, @Patheon
PATH, @PATHtweets
Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, online contact form (name changed to Avid Bioservices)
Perrigo, @PerrigoCompany + online contact form
Pfizer, @pfizer, @PfizerCongress
Pharmaceutical Product Development, @PPDCRO
Pharma Medica, Email:
Pharma Nord, online contact form
Pharmacosmos, online contact form
Pharmascience, @_Pharmascience_  [BLOCKED MY TWITTER ACCOUNT]
Pierre Fabre Group, @PierreFabre
Piramal Enterprise Ltd., @PiramalGroup
Pliva (see Teva Pharmaceuticals)
Proctor & Gamble, @ProcterGamble
Purdue Pharma, @purduepharma
Ranbaxy Laboratories (see Sun Pharmaceutical)
Reckitt Benckiser, @discoverRB
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, @regeneron
Remedy Pharmaceuticals, Email:
Repligen, @mAntibody_News
Roche, @Roche
Rubicon Research, Email:
Salix Pharmaceuticals, Email:
Sandoz Australia [chose not to contact; personal info required]
Sanofi, @sanofi, @SanofiUS
Sanofi Pasteur, France, @sanofipasteur
Serum Institute of India, Email: (not a viable email address)
Servier Laboratories, @servier + online contact form
Shire plc (see Takeda Pharmaceutical Co.)
Sigma Pharmaceuticals, online contact form
Sinopharm Group, Email:
Solvay Group, @SolvayGroup
Square Pharmaceuticals, online contact form
STADA Arzneimittel, @stada
Strides Arcolab, Email:
Sun Pharmaceutical, @SunPharma_Live
Sunovion, @Sunovion
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., @TakedaPharma
Teva Pharmaceuticals, Email:
Torrent Pharmaceuticals, Email:
Turing Pharmaceuticals, Email:
UCB, @ucb_news
Unichem Laboratories [chose not to contact; personal info required]
Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, online contact form
VAV Life Sciences, @ArunKedia + online contact form
Veloxis Pharmaceuticals, Email:
Vertex Pharmaceuticals, @VertexPharma
Walgreens, @Walgreens
Wallace Pharmaceuticals, Email: (not a viable email address)
Yuhan Corporation, Email:
Zandu Pharmaceuticals, Email:
Zentiva (see Sanofi)
Zydus Cadila, @ZydusUniverse

Following is the message I shared with the pharmaceutical companies:

"Urgent Appeal on Behalf of the Corn Allergy Population / Emerging Corn Allergy Crisis


As a corn allergy advocate, I read thousands of corn allergy testimonies on a daily basis.  I just read a personal testimony stating that a pharmacist from a compounding pharmacy told a corn-allergic patient that cornstarch is not really corn!  The critical lack of knowledge by this pharmacist could endanger this patient's life.  It is for this reason that I am submitting this urgent appeal to all pharmaceutical companies for your assistance in educating medical professionals about the dangers of NMIs (non-medicinal ingredients) in drugs.

I continue to read personal testimonies of physicians insisting upon administering dextrose IV fluid to corn-allergic patients in direct violation of the contraindication warning on the package insert.  It is clear that too many medical professionals do not understand the critical difference between dextrose and corn-derived dextrose, citric acid and corn-derived citric acid, ascorbic acid and corn-derived ascorbic acid, etc.  Anything derived from corn can prove fatal to the anaphylactic corn-allergic patient.  The most heartbreaking testimonies are from parents of corn-allergic infants, many of whom have been diagnosed with "failure to thrive" due to the lack of corn-free infant formulas.  Hospitals have NO alternative safe sources of corn-free nutrition to feed to these struggling babies, and their pediatricians/dietitians cannot offer any assistance to the parents of corn-allergic infants.

In summary, the corn allergy population can consume very few processed foods; and no commercially-processed meat, poultry, seafood, produce, or fruit due to government-authorized corn-derived antimicrobial chemical washes.  Many corn-allergic patients must have their medications compounded to exclude corn; and since tap water may contain corn due to corn-derived purification chemicals, many are forced to purchase other sources of corn-free water. 
I'm providing your company with several educational links regarding this devastating allergy.  Thank you for your attention to this critical concern, and please share this important message."

Published Corn Allergy Studies/Statistics  (“. . . Maize major allergen . . .”)

Baxter Labs specifically warns about administering dextrose IV fluids to corn-allergic patients.
 "Solutions containing dextrose should be used with caution, if at all, in patients with known allergy to corn or corn products." - Page 3

"Probable anaphylactic reaction to corn-derived dextrose solution."

BCPharmacists, "Warning: corn-related allergens . . ."


Corn Allergy Statistics (Monthly)

Corn: It's Everything, Iowa Corn

(Update March 12, 2018)
I have also provided these pharmaceutical companies with the following posts:

My February 25, 2018, Letter to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Re: mandate that hospitals stock corn-free foods, fluids, & drugs for the safety of corn-allergic patients.

My Submission to The Joint Commission

(Update March 28, 2020)
I have also provided these pharmaceutical companies with the following documentation regarding dextrose vs. glucose.

Dextrose (corn sugar derived from cornstarch) is NOT a drug product, but is an ingredient added to drug products.
My March 5, 2020, Email to the FDA Re: Dextrose (Corn Sugar), per FDA Federal Regulation 184.1857, vs. Glucose (Blood Sugar)

Too many medical professionals are missing this critical contraindication warning.

Dextrose can prove fatal to the anaphylactic corn-allergic patient/consumer.

(Update April 7, 2020)
I forwarded the following petition to the majority of these pharmaceutical companies.


(Update June 8, 2020)
I forwarded the following notification to the majority of these pharmaceutical companies.

My June 5, 2020, Email to the FDA Re: Emergency Mandate Requiring Contraindication Warnings be Listed for Drug/Biologic Products Based on the "Source of Excipients"

(Update June 23, 2020)
I forwarded the following notifications to the majority of these pharmaceutical companies.

My June 16, 2020, Email to the FDA Re: Corn Labeling in Drug/Biologic Products

Corn is ubiquitous and is EXEMPT from FDA labeling requirements; therefore, allergic reactions are currently categorized as idiopathic, resulting in underreporting and suppression of corn allergy statistics.

Physicians may be liable if they prescribe drugs/biologics containing excipients derived from a pt.'s allergens, even if no contraindication warning is present in the package insert. They are required to confirm the source of all excipients.

Diane H., Corn Allergy Advocate
Corn Allergy Advocacy/Resources
Twitter:  @CornAllergy911

"List of pharmaceutical companies," Wikipedia

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