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Hospital Associations Contacted Re: Protocol for Treating Corn-Allergic Patients

(Updated July 17, 2020)

National Association
American Hospital Association (AHA), Washington, DC, @ahahospitals [Blocked my Twitter account]

State Associations
Alabama, @ALhospitals
Alaska, @ashnhaalaska
Arizona, @azhospitalassn
Arkansas, @ArkHospAssoc + Email:
California, @CalHospitals + online contact form
Colorado, @COHospitalAssn
Connecticut, @cthosp
Delaware, online contact form
District of Columbia, online contact form
Florida, @FLHospitalAssn, @SFHHA
Georgia, @GaHospitalAssoc
Hawaii, @HealthcareHAH
Idaho, @teamiha
Illinois, @MCHC_News, @IHAhospitals
Indiana, @IHAConnect
Iowa, @iowahospital  [Blocked my Twitter account]
Kansas, @kansashospitals
Kentucky, @KYHospitals
Louisiana, @LAHospitals
Maine, online contact form
Maryland, @mhaonline
Massachusetts, Email:
Michigan, @MIHospitalAssoc
Minnesota, @MNhospitals [Blocked my Twitter account]
Mississippi, @MHA
Missouri, @MOHospitals
Montana, @MHA_Montana
Nebraska, @NebHospitals  [Blocked my Twitter account], online contact form
Nevada, @NVHospitals
New Hampshire, @NHHospitals
New Jersey, @NJHospitals + online contact form
New Mexico, Email:
New York, @GNYHA
North Carolina, @nchospitals [Follows my Twitter account]
North Dakota, @NDHospitalAssn + online contact form
Ohio, @OhioHospitals
Oklahoma, @ohaconnect
Oregon, Email: + online contact form
Pennsylvania, @HAPupdates
Rhode Island, @HOSPASSCRI
South Carolina, @SCHospitals  [Blocked my Twitter account], online contact form
South Dakota, @SDAHO, Email:
Tennessee, online contact form
Texas, @texashospitals
Utah, @utahhospitals
Vermont, @VAHHS
Virginia, @VirginiaHHA
Washington, @WAHospitals
West Virginia, @WVHospitals
Wisconsin, @WIHospitalAssn
Wyoming, Email:

United States Hospitals/Health Systems Contacted Re: Protocol for Treating Corn-Allergic Patients

Published Corn Allergy Studies/Statistics  (“. . . Maize major allergen . . .”)

Baxter Labs specifically warns about administering dextrose IV fluids to corn-allergic patients.
 "Solutions containing dextrose should be used with caution, if at all, in patients with known allergy to corn or corn products." - Page 3

"Probable anaphylactic reaction to corn-derived dextrose solution."

BCPharmacists, "Warning: corn-related allergens . . ."


Corn Allergy Statistics (Monthly)

Corn: It's Everything, Iowa Corn

Blog Post Forwarded February, 2018:

My February 25, 2018, Letter to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Blog Post Forwarded July 8, 2020:  [only to those with Twitter accounts]

My July 2, 2020, Appeal to the NIH National Library of Medicine Re: PubChem CID 79025, Glucose (Blood Sugar) vs. Dextrose (Corn Sugar Derived from Cornstarch)

Diane H., Corn Allergy Advocate
Corn Allergy Advocacy/Resources
Twitter:  @CornAllergy911


American Hospital Association (AHA)

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