Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Study links fructose to cardiovascular disease and diabetes

I encourage everyone to read this fascinating scientific article which links the ingestion of fructose to a number disorders:  "Conditions linked to modifications in these particular genes include Parkinson's disease, depression, bipolar disorder and other brain diseases."  My own reaction to HFCS is pounding heart, increased pulse rate, internal inflammation, and brain fog/disorientation (Benadryl usually resolves my symptoms within 1-2 hours).

"A team of scientists from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) studied the effect of fructose on the brain. This commonly consumed sugar is found in sweetened drinks, syrups, honey, juices and industrially made desserts. Synthetic glucose-fructose syrup, made from corn starch, is also added to a host of industrially made products for large retailers."

Diane H., Corn Allergy Advocate
Corn Allergy Advocacy/Resources

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