Friday, April 22, 2016

Appeal for Personal Testimonies to Present to Congress

As a fellow corn-allergic individual, I am acutely aware of just how difficult it is to navigate living with a corn allergy.  Eventually, it is my goal to present personal testimonies to Congress in my appeal to ask Congress to declare corn an official allergen.  Before I begin, I want to caution contributors that this is a public forum; therefore, do not disclose personal information.  Following is a sample list of questions which I believe will be crucial to our presentation before Congress.  Thank you very much for your participation.

1.  As a result of your corn allergy, are you required to have your medications compounded?
2.  Does your insurance cover any or all of the cost?
3.  Do you have access to any corn-free prescription medications?
4.  Do you have access to corn-free vitamins or supplements?
5.  What is your average annual out-of-pocket expense for compounded medications?
6.  What is your average annual out-of-pocket medical expense related to your corn allergy?
7.  Has your corn allergy resulted in a significant increase in your family’s budget in an effort to find corn-free food?
8.  Has your corn-allergic child been diagnosed with “failure to thrive” due to the lack of corn-free formula?
9.  Has your child’s pediatrician and/or nutritionist been able to recommend a safe corn-free source of nutrition for your child?
10. With the lack of corn-free formula, what are you currently providing to your child in an effort to avoid corn?
11.  Did your allergist include corn allergy testing as part of a standard panel?
12.  Did you have to request that your allergist test you for a corn-suspected allergy?
13.  Did you ever have an allergist deny your request for corn allergy testing?
14.  Did your allergist ever declare to you that corn allergies are non-existent, since he/she believes that corn is hypoallergenic?
15.  Did you ever seek a second opinion for a suspected corn allergy because your allergist refused to test you?  If so, was your allergy to corn confirmed after seeking a second opinion?
16.  Were you ever administered IV fluid containing corn-derived dextrose after you advised the medical staff that you are allergic to corn?
17.  Within the last two years, how many times have you been treated in the ER as a result of your corn allergy?
18.  Have you consulted with a nutritionist as a direct result of your corn allergy diagnosis?
19.  Was your nutritionist able to recommend safe sources of corn-free foods?
20.  Do you feel that your nutritionist was trained to address a corn allergy diagnosis?
21.  Has a representative from the CDC ever interviewed you or your family?  If yes, did the interviewer include any allergy-related questions for your entire family regardless of age?
22.  Has a food manufacturer ever refused to disclose if their product(s) contain corn/corn derivatives upon your request?
23.  Have you consulted with a therapist as a direct result of your corn allergy diagnosis?
24.  Has a physician declared that even though you have a confirmed allergy to corn, it would be safe to continue consuming corn or corn derivatives?
25.  Does your city tap water cause an allergic reaction due to corn contamination in the drinking water?
26.  If yes, were you able to purchase a corn-free water filter?
27.  In an effort to find safe, corn-free water, have you had to purchase bottled drinking water?  If so, what is the brand that is least corn-contaminated?
28.  Did you ever file a report with the FDA due to an allergic/adverse reaction after consuming a corn-contaminated product?
29.  Were you ever told by the FDA that they cannot file your report since corn is not considered an official allergen?
30.  Was it difficult to find the appropriate adverse reaction reporting form from the FDA website?
31.  Are you anaphylactic to corn/corn derivatives? 
32.  If yes, have you been prescribed an epi-pen?

Diane H., Corn Allergy Advocate
Corn Allergy Advocacy/Resources

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