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Physician/Surgeon Associations

(REVISED 3/15/18)

Most physicians are not familiar with corn/corn derivative allergies.  I would use these resources to share your personal testimonies in an effort to educate the medical community, and to advocate for your own personal safety.  As part of my corn allergy awareness initiative, I contacted the following physician/surgeon professional associations (my message to them appears at the end of this article).  The corn-allergic community has had to assume the role of educator far too often; therefore, I sent these associations critical corn allergy articles with corresponding references for their information.


American College of Emergency Physicians, @ACEPNow

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, @AAPSonline

March 15, 2018:
I shared the following blog links with these organizations:

My February 25, 2018, Letter to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Re: mandate that hospitals stock corn-free foods, fluids, & drugs for the safety of corn-allergic patients.

My Submission to The Joint Commission

Corn Allergy Statistics (Monthly)

January, 2016:


I am a corn allergy advocate; and it has come to my attention that too often the corn-allergic patient is treated with disrespect and disbelief when visiting the ER (they are advocating for their own safety). Please understand that the use of IV fluid with corn-derived dextrose can be fatal, particularly if the patient is anaphylactic to corn/corn derivatives (this also includes iodized salt with corn-derived dextrose). In addition, most corn-allergic patients must have their medications compounded; since corn/corn derivatives are found in nearly all medications (even in OTC Benadryl). There is an emerging corn allergy crisis, and it is imperative that the medical community educate themselves about this potentially fatal allergy. It's bad enough that the corn-allergic patient must supply their own safe, corn-free foods while hospitalized; since hospitals are ill-equipped to nourish them. In addition, there are currently no corn-free formulas for corn-allergic infants, many of whom have been diagnosed with "failure to thrive" due to the lack of corn-free nutrition. Even their doctors have no recommendations for parents as to how to safely nourish these children. I strongly urge your medical staff to read the information provided in the following references. Thank you for your attention to this critical matter.

Corn Allergy Advocacy/Resources

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