Wednesday, May 6, 2020


My February 15, 2020, Inquiry to the FDA Re: Absorbent Pads Used for Fresh Food Products, Case #226504

"Since the majority of our corn allergy support group members have reported serious reactions to the absorbent pads used for fresh food products, I have sent an inquiry to one of the manufacturers of these absorbent pads to confirm if these pads are manufactured with corn-derived ingredients. It appears that they may be made with corn-derived ingredients (“plant based cellulose fiber”).  Would these absorbent pads be exempt from FDA labeling requirements as it relates to corn labeling? Thank you!

FDA's Response:

"The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Food and Cosmetic Information Center (FCIC)/Technical Assistance Network (TAN) has prepared a response for case number 226504.


Thank you for your inquiry.

If a material comes into contact with food, such as an absorbent pad, then the FDA regulates it as a food contact substance (FCS) A food contact substance is any substance that is intended for use as a component of materials used in manufacturing, packing, packaging, transporting, or holding food if the use is not intended to have any technical effect in the food. The FDA does not approve food contact substances, it is the manufacturers responsibility to ensure that it is safe.

For purposes of registration, food contact substances are not considered food, and therefore do not trigger the requirement to register with the FDA.

Please contact our Office of Food Additive Safety at for additional information regarding food contact substances.

Thank you for contacting FDA’s FCIC/TAN."

Diane H., Corn Allergy Advocate
Corn Allergy Advocacy/Resources
Twitter:  @CornAllergy911

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