Friday, May 11, 2018

Against the Grain Gourmet Pizza Oral Challenge for Corn/Corn-Derived Ingredients

I have been conducting oral challenges of products advertised as "corn free" by the manufacturer.  If I experience a corn allergy reaction, I then file reports with the manufacturer, the FDA, and the FTC.

I strongly recommend that you do not attempt any oral food challenges unless you are in the presence of your physician.  Although I have not yet experienced an anaphylactic reaction to corn or my other allergens, I did have epinephrine auto-injector pens available (prescribed for my allergy to most antibiotics).

Failed oral challenge of Against the Grain Gourmet Pizza - Three Cheese
UPC Code #892453001082
Lot #17:26:52
Best By: 04/09/19
Packaging Claim:  “Our products contain no gluten, wheat, corn, soy, rice, peanuts, or tree nuts.”

May 11, 2018:
5:55 pm:  I consumed 2 slices of this pizza, and only added safe-for-me non-iodized salt.

6:30 pm:  Allergic reactions included pounding heart, increased pulse rate (80 bpm), and severe abdominal swelling (“corn baby”).  These are my usual reactions to corn exposure.

8:00 pm:  Took an antihistamine to counteract allergic reaction.

11:00 pm:  Still miserable from allergic reaction to this product.  Heart continues to pound, heart rate now at 85 bpm (resting pulse rate normally 60), and abdominal swelling (it looks like I’m 7 months’ pregnant).

12:15 am:  My pulse rate has come down to 67 bpm; however, I am still experiencing abdominal swelling/discomfort.

If you have an allergy/intolerance to corn/corn derivatives, I would recommend that you avoid this product.

For allergy comparison, my corn allergy tested at 1+ on skin-scratch testing in 2011; however, my reactions to corn/corn derivatives have significantly escalated in the last couple of years.

I believe the problem ingredient may be the canola oil, or their suppliers may use cornstarch on the cardboard base or in the plastic wrapping.

"Can someone with corn allergies use canola oil?" Rose Wiegley, May 2, 2013, Quora

"Food Allergies and Vegetable Oil: What You Need To Know," Amy E. Tracy, January 13, 2015, adventures of an allergic foodie

In the event you experience a corn allergy reaction to a product that is labeled "corn free," refer to instructions for filing reports in the following links:

Non-FDA-Compliant "Corn-Free" Claims (Revised 11/16/17); Title 21 U.S.C. - Section 343, Chapter 1 - Adulterated or Misbranded Foods or Drugs

FTC Filing a Complaint to Report False and Misleading Labeling

UPDATE MAY 12, 2018:
I filed a report with the FTC detailing my allergic reaction to this mislabeled food product.

UPDATE JUNE 18, 2018:
I filed an adverse reaction report with the FDA.

Diane H., Corn Allergy Advocate
Corn Allergy Advocacy/Resources

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